LASIK Consultations

Find out if LASIK surgery is right for your eyes!

Tired of dealing with glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision? Then explore LASIK refractive surgery as an alternative to your normal eyewear! At Macha Eye Care, our friendly and personable staff can get you ready for the surgery itself or evaluate the procedure itself during your post-operative surgical exam.

With our over 15 years of experience, you can count on Macha Eye Care as your go-to resource for LASIK pre-op consults and post-op exams!

Call now to schedule a LASIK consultation with Macha Eye Care's vision team!

What happens during a LASIK evaluation?

To ensure that LASIK is the best course of action to repair your vision, you'll begin the consultation with a comprehensive eye exam. You'll also have more specific measurements and tests performed on your eyes, all to decide on which type of LASIK procedure will be right for you and what your post-surgery course of action will be.

What are my options for LASIK surgery?

Once you've had a comprehensive eye exam and your initial LASIK consultation, you'll discuss the cost of both standard and custom LASIK procedures to determine which procedure best fits your budget and needs. Ready to schedule a LASIK consultation with Macha Eye Care ? Then contact our vision team today to make an appointment!