Emergency Eye Care

Find the support you need in an eye care emergency

When you need prompt care for an eye injury or issue, don't hesitate and put your vision at risk; turn to Macha Eye Care for EMERGENCY eye care! Your emergency case will be seen promptly and, using our over 15 years of experience, our caregivers will recommend a course of action based on your ailment or injury.

Enjoy friendly, personalized service for your emergency eye care needs from Macha Eye Care!

Call Macha Eye Care today for prompt EMERGENCY eye care services and treatments!

Browse a range of emergency eye care services

Whether you're having a physical issue with your eyes, such as a foreign body or an injury, or you're dealing with a more medically oriented eye issue, such as seeing flashes of light or floaters, Macha Eye Care's emergency services will get your vision back to normal quickly! Our team can also help with sties, red, allergy-swollen eyes, and more!

Insurance is accepted for emergency eye care!

Macha Eye Care works with an array of insurers and insurance programs to keep the cost of your eye care affordable! Some accepted insurance plans include Medicare and Medicaid, HIP Plus, and more; contact our team to learn if your insurance is accepted, or explore our PROMOTIONAL offers for savings!